New Patients

Here at Westdale Dental, we want your first visit as new patients to be as successful as possible. We promise to make you comfortable, give you the best care, and help you get on with your day with a great smile. Please explore the page to learn more about the insurance we accept, the necessary forms you will need, and so much more.

Guide for New Patients

Arrive Early

When you schedule your first visit, please make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes early. This will allow you and our staff adequate time to review your paperwork and get you ready for your appointment. You can print off any Patient Information Forms needed before your appointment to help speed up the process. 

Bring Your Preferred Method Of Payments

If you have dental insurance, please remember to bring that card with you, especially if you have a copay. If you do not have dental insurance, please bring your preferred method of payment or talk to our staff about our membership plan.

Cancellation Notice

If you are unable to make your appointment, please be courteous and contact our office as soon as possible. There are likely other patients who would like to use your reserved spot if you are unable to make it. 


What to Bring

Let’s make sure your first visit to Westdale Dental is a great one. Don’t forget to bring:

  • Patient Information Forms
  • Dental Insurance Card (if applicable)
  • Identification such as Driver’s License or State ID
  • Current dental X-rays (we can take them if you do not have any)
  • Your medical and dental history info, including any medications you are currently using


What to Expect

When you first arrive at Westdale Dental, you will be greeted by our friendly staff.  Make sure you set aside a good hour for your appointment, we don’t want you to feel rushed. 

This visit is all about you, so expect your visit to include:

  • A review of your Medical/Dental Forms
  • X-rays
  • Gum Disease evaluation
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • A full examination
  • Teeth cleaning
  • An optional fluoride treatment

At our office, we care about the safety of our patients. That is why we do all that we can to provide you with a clean environment. Our standards truly exceed the American Dental Association’s standards for safe practices. We sanitize every machine, tool, chair, and instrument that is used after every visit. We want you to feel safe and trust our expertise during your visit. 


Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment

The last step of your visit is quite honestly the most important. Ideally, you will want to schedule a regular checkup every three to six months. This will help your teeth stay cleaner, last longer, and prevent painful problems from occurring. 

However, if you need special treatment on your teeth, your next appointment will be much sooner. These special appointments may be scheduled weeks, or even days, after your visit depending on the work that needs to be done. Make sure you talk with the scheduler before leaving to figure out your appointments. 


Payment and Insurance

Before you first visit, review our payment policy, financing options, membership plans, and insurance information!

Westdale Dental Membership Plan

No dental insurance? No problem! Here at Westdale Dental, we offer an exclusive discount dental membership plan that offers:

  • Two dental cleanings
  • Two maintenance exams
  • Unlimited x-rays
  • 15% off of other dental treatments

This plan is only $399 per person per year. Learn more about this exclusive membership plan.

Dental Insurance

Here at Westdale Dental, we will help you in any possible way with your dental insurance. Here are the steps for when you use your insurance as a form of payment:

  • When you make an appointment, please make sure you provide us with all the details of your insurance. 
  • Always bring your insurance card to your appointments.
  • Make sure you understand your dental insurance policy. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are uncertain. 

When you choose to use your dental insurance as a form of payment, we will provide you with an estimate of your patient position based on the information you provide us. Learn more about using dental insurance at Westdale Dental.

Schedule an appointment with Westdale Dental today and receive the brighter, whiter smile you deserve. Our office hours are Monday – Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm and Friday from 8 am to 1 pm.


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